Valerie Lilian

It was an unlikely friendship. Valerie and I met when our husbands were stationed at Quantico. Phil had spent the prior ten years gently encouraging adorable young officer candidates come to the realization they were not fit to be in his Corps.My husband had only weeks earlier managed to squeeze his way past his own [...]


There have been 10 summer goodbyes since that first Briar Haven drop off.  The last nine didn’t matter much.  This one: It’s a syrupy July night — morning, technically, close to 2 a.m.. It’s just Mary and me, driving along in the 2009 Rav4 that makes concerning sounds when I brake; a thumpda-dump-dump beat that’s […]

Hello, Doctor, Name, Continue, Yesterday, Tomorrow

First, I am going to resolve one of the great crises of faith facing our nation during this time, and I am going to do it by stating a simple, obvious truth: She totally fed her husband to the tigers.  My grandparents picked up arms to defend this country; I picked up the remote control […]