Autumn Morning

In the Target checkout line, I had a long, hard think. This does not often happen to me in Target, where my inner monologue tends to run like this: “Meow, meow, meow … holy-God-someone-shut-that-kid-up-no-you-shut-up-judgey-mcjudger-you-don’t-know-their-story-meow, meow, meow…” But as I watched the laundry detergent I had come for roll down the conveyer belt along with the…


Fletch, Who Needs a Flat in Burbank, STAT

In the fifteen minutes since I told Mary and Karenna that they have both been invited to audition for a movie project they’ve hit all the important stuff:  girlie squeal; panic that they’re not good enough; back to the girlie squeal; finalizing the layouts of their plush Burbank apartments. “So what happens if one of…


Next: Baby Goats. ‘Cause They’re Cute, and They Make Cheese***

In 2012 we celebrated the first third birthday in our household where I was not pregnant with the next child. The following week, I bought the children butterfly larvae to hatch.  After they flew away,  I bought a plant, but it wasn’t very cute.  Next came the chickens,     and then the first baby bunny…