Elizabeth Soutter has taught more than 20 semesters of advanced writing at Harvard University. Professor Soutter accepts select high school students for private tutoring in preparation for advanced American university work. Students are selected to work with Professor Soutter based on their academic record, and a submitted writing sample. Students meet with the professor once a week via Skype and are expected to turn in weekly assignments in English. Class is taught entirely in English and covers the following elements:
  • Intensive training in the writing of college papers in American academic English;
  • SAT preparation;
  • Advanced English study to perfect grammar and pronunciation;
  • Guidance for college applications and essay preparation;
  • Conversational American college English including social conventions, idioms and common academic usage;
  • Written English including academic correspondence (emails, paper proposals, project outlines);
  • CV/Resume preparation;
  • Continued tutoring and guidance throughout university study, as needed.
To apply, send an email with the following information:
Parent name; location/time zone;
Preferred class meeting time (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., Beijing time.);
Student name and academic level.
For the student
In 500 words, answer one of the following questions:
1) Discuss a book you have read recently to which you felt a strong reaction. It can be any book, read for pleasure or for academics. Your reaction to the book can be positive or negative, but please give evidence from the text (in English) for why you reacted as you did to it.
2) Address a letter to Professor Soutter explaining why you would like to study with her, what you are hoping to learn, and how she can help you with your overall course of academic study.
*****The student should write in English, with no outside assistance.