Everyone has a story to tell, a legacy to pass along. So often we leave things unsaid because we did not know how to say them. Legacy Literary is an editorial service that will help you get to the heart of your own story and pass it along to your loved ones in book form.

Using detailed questionaires and one-on-one conferencing, we assemble the text of your story, which we then work with you to edit for clarity and technical accuracy. Then we add your photos, carefully formatting so that the end result is a beautiful keepsake book — written in your very own voice — to be passed along the generations.


Legacy Literary: The Story of Us Package

Step One: Just Tell the Story

Legacy Literary will send to you a comprehensive questionnaire carefully designed to evoke detailed responses. Write your answers freely without concern for order, spelling, grammar, or concision, skipping any questions that don’t apply or you don’t wish to answer. Write as much as you can, as freely as you can.


Step Two: POOF!

We’ll take your questionnaire and turn it into a draft manuscript, carefully edited for content as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation.  We will work with your material to ensure that it keeps your voice, that it is your story. Think of us as a bullhorn making sure you come across loud and clear in your own words.


Step Three: Collaboration

You review your manuscript and then we meet in person or via Skype or FaceTime. We talk, make notes, and you tell us what works and doesn’t work about your manuscript. We meet a few times, for up to three hours total, to go over the details and incorporate and develop any new content that has come about through the collaboration process. (That happens a lot).


Step Four: Expert Graphics, Design, and Layout

We ask you to send us digital images, which we incorporate into the text with captions and detailed explanations. Our design specialist will make sure the images look great and are properly aligned and formatted.


Step Five: Book-in-Hand

You approve the final manuscript, make sure it’s right: your story in your voice. Then we go to print, delivering to you five hardcover, full-color books that look like any you’d find in a book store. We’ll also give you the manuscript digitally so you can archive it and reprint it any time you like.


The Story of Us Package:

–Detailed questionnaire to be answered by the author and turned into a manuscript,

— 3 hours of online or in-person conferencing;

— 6 hours of manuscript editing;

— Formatting and printing of up to 50 pages into 5 copies of a hardcover book, including photos and cover art;

— Digital copy of all materials.

Price: $3,000, all included.

Additional pages, editing and conferencing available at a separate rate.

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